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Why Use All Things Fencing Bozeman?

There are many fencing contractors to choose from in Bozeman, so you might be wondering what makes us stand out from the rest. In addition to our high attention to detail, we also obsess over customer satisfaction and will not stop until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Quality craftsmanship

Do you ever catch yourself staring at a fence and not even thinking about it’s practical use? Instead, you find yourself focusing on the beauty and excellent craftsmanship of the fence. That is probably one of the fences we built! All our technicians are more than fence builders; they are artists who apply precision, detail, and impressive finishing touches to every fence they construct. With our service, your wooden or metal fence will be the talk of the town. Everyone who comes over is sure to notice the artistry that went into building the fence.


Sure, we are experts, but that does not mean that we cannot improve. We are always looking for ways to improve our techniques and services. Our primary goal is to improve the way we offer our service. We stay updated on enhanced technology and advancements in equipment. We are always on alert for any improvement in the materials we use and the most environmentally-friendly options. We work to be good today and keep learning to be better tomorrow.


You’ve got a fence problem and can’t figure it out? Well, we’ve got a few solutions up our sleeves! Problem-solving skills are an essential asset when it comes to building fences. You would encounter unexpected issues while planning the design of the fence. That is where our experts will come in with creative solutions to meet your standards. Also, if you have found a problem on your current fence and are not sure how to deal with it, call our fencing contractors today. With years of experience, they have seen a lot of fencing problems. Therefore, they are guaranteed to come up with a sustainable and affordable solution for this problem.

Emergency services

Need emergency repair services before winter comes in? We are the people to call. Damage can happen unexpectedly. You never know when someone will drive into the fence, or the storms will break a few boards. Rather than leave your property with insufficient security, you can call on us for emergency repair, maintenance, and replacement service. We will get a team to your place as fast as possible to assess the damage and fix it accordingly. So don’t worry about the missing pickets; we will fix them quickly and efficiently.

Professional and friendly demeanor

Lastly, expect the warmest conversations with our employees, from the customer care team who will answer your queries to the technicians who will come to your property for the work. We strive to be professional and friendly. Feel free to ask questions and share your input, and we will gladly respond and listen.

Fence Building and Installation Contractor in Bozeman, MT

Your fence is usually one of the first things people see when they come to your home or business. It is also one of your primary ways to protect your property, meaning it should have some thought invested, as well. Most importantly, if you are looking to have a new fence installed or repair or maintenance work done on your current one, you must carefully consider the fencing company you choose to do the job. Fencing Guys of Bozeman is a reliable contractor that you can count on to provide the fencing services that your property needs. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial fencing services, we can help make your dream a reality, just as we have done for so many other businesses and homes throughout Bozeman and the surrounding Gallatin County area.
With years of experience in the industry, we bring expertise and precision to every project we undertake
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About Us

First of all, we thank you for taking a look at our fencing company as a possible candidate to service your fencing needs here in Bozeman. Our priority is always the same as yours; we want to help you ensure that your property is safe and secure while looking effortlessly fantastic with the right fence. We also strive to install the fence to last for many years to come as any good investment should. Our team takes real pride in helping to keep the homes and commercial properties of Bozeman, MT, safe and secure while improving their curb appeal as well. So, if you need a new fence or any fencing services, we are the team you should look to. We believe that we are the best fence installer and gate installer guaranteed to provide high-quality work that will last in our area. When you work with us, you can be sure that you are getting the highest value for the hard-earned money you spend with our company.
Customer service is an essential part of the culture we are creating at Fencing Guys of Bozeman. Our fencing contractors know that they can build or install the best options globally, but it is not a successful experience if the customer does not feel comfortable with the result. Our goal is to learn the vision of what our customers are hoping to create with this investment. We make a special effort to actively listen to understand how to create those small touches that can give a fence a personality that matches your aesthetics. Your community is our community, and we want you to feel like your friendly neighbor is installing your fence!

Why should you hire a professional?

Building a fence may seem simple at first, but in order to do it right we strongly recommend hiring a professional to do the job well. Many farmers and ranchers in our area spend countless hours building, repairing, and rebuilding fences on their property which takes them away from other necessary jobs to keep their operation running smoothly. While you can certainly patch the issue for a brief time period by doing it yourself, we recommend that you call a professional who can dedicate their sole attention on the project so that it is done in such a way that will last for a much longer time period, making your investment a wise choice. Sometimes there may be a tree in the way of your fence which requires removal. In that case, we use one of the most trusted tree removal companies Bozeman who can get the job done right so that we can begin the fence installation. Call us for a hassle free experience so that you can spend your time where you want to!

Our Services

There’s no better way to make sure that your property is safe and secure than with our range of fencing services. We are a quality fence building service specializing in fence installation, fence repair, and maintenance. We can provide standard wooden, vinyl, wrought iron, and even chain-link fences, as well as being able to install a range of customized fencing. So, whether it’s a farm fence/ animal fence, decorative fence, or commercial fence you want, our team can install it. Your work is to dream it, and we will build it! We even provide a range of custom fences and gate options. We are also one of the only companies in Bozeman that offer comprehensive fence removal services for those beyond repair or restoration.

  • Posts: These are vertical components that are stuck into the ground firmly to support the fence. Experts make posts from 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 lumber. They play a significant role in the structural integrity of the fence. One loose pole and your fence will be leaning and swaying in the wind. Posts are the foundation of a good fence, so you need to pay attention to how they go into the ground. The winter calls for deeper digging to prevent the posts from suffering the effects of the cold climate. Posts are unfortunately the first ones to damage from rot and water problems. However, a good fencing expert will select a wood species with resistance to rot, such as cedar and redwood. Some posts stand as high as the panels, while others go beyond the height. It is often to add an ornamental element to the fence. Posts require thorough cleaning with a mild detergent, especially where they meet the ground. 
  • Panels or Boards: The panels of boards fill in the fence to create the barrier. They can be built by hand or manufactured already attached to a post and rail. Depending on how they are placed, they can either completely obstruct the view or let a little light in and allow space to look through from a close distance. The panes or boards are the easiest to clean. They only require cleaning with water, a gentle detergent, and a soft cloth or sponge. When applying sealant or stain, you will need to pay extra attention to the boards and panels because they are what people see first since they make up most of the fence.

Wooden Fences

There’s a reason that a wooden fence is the mainstay option for many homes and properties– just look at the curb appeal and value they bring to a home! Wooden fences are easy to install, can be easily customized to match the needs of your property, and are highly affordable when you consider the beauty they bring to your property. Wood has a natural appeal that’s great for the look of your home. A privacy fence, garden fence, or livestock fence are all the main wooden fences we can install. Our wooden privacy fences are very popular for our residential and commercial clients in downtown Bozeman. With a strong coat of stain at least once every year, our cedar fences will absolutely last through many harsh Montana winters and will look beautiful for many years to come. When it does come time to stain your wooden fence, we have a great painting contractors Bozeman MT that we can refer to you to get the job done right!

How exactly is a wooden fence built?
Wood fences are one of the oldest forms of fences. The white picket fences date back to the colonial era. Its variations and improvements are now a part of modern life. It is not hard to see a wooden fence on every other Bozeman street. A wooden fence is simply beautiful to the eye and also has a high level of durability. There are three main components to a proper wooden fence. To better prepare for a wooden fence, learn about these components and why it is essential to have all three.

  • Rails: These are the horizontal structural parts of the fence. They run parallel to each other and the ground. The work of these is to connect one post to the other. Horizontal rails are essential for the attachment of vertical in-fill panels. They offer sturdy attachment points for these panels. The strength and integrity of rails determine how well your fence will hold. On the other hand, adequate rail installation is highly dependent on how well the professionals installed the posts. Often, you will find that maintenance of rails predominantly occurs where the rail meets the post. Here is where dirt and grime hide. It is also here that moisture can trap, causing rot, and waterlogging. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are some of the most beautiful additions a home or business can have because of the many shapes and sizes you can choose from. Unlike a wooden fence or wrought iron fence, you can select bold, vibrant colors for your vinyl fence that will directly tie into your home or business’s paint color and building style. Whether you are looking for that classic white picket fence look or want to create a statement of color, a vinyl fence in Bozeman may be your best choice, and we are one of the premier installers in the area! Moisture is the common cause of many problems that your fence can experience. Moisture can result in problems like rotting and mold growth for many types of fencing. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem you’ll have to worry about if you have a vinyl fence! Vinyl is not vulnerable to moisture meaning the fencing has increased durability over a long period and is much stronger than other materials. We have found this to be true because there are many vinyl fences still standing strong that professionals installed many years ago. The primary form of maintenance that you will need to provide a vinyl fence is simple pressure washing. Not to mention the elegance and beauty a vinyl fence will bring to your property!

Chain Link Fences

If the security of your property is your number one concern, then a chain-link fence is a great option. Chain link fences are great security options for several reasons. They’re tough and durable, offering immunity to problems like rotting, hard to scale, and difficult to damage. They’re also the perfect complement for any property with existing security infrastructures, such as cameras and security lights, as they don’t block the line of sight. Not only that, but they are also easy to install, highly affordable, and can be easily customized to meet your security needs. Contact us for the varying design choices we offer with our chain link fence installation.

Wrought Iron Fences

With the damage that the outdoor elements, especially moisture, can do, you might think it’s a real challenge to get a fence that will truly last. Well, yet again, we have the answer. A wrought iron fence is a fence that’s designed to last. With the correct long-term care, a wrought iron fence, or any type of metal fence, including aluminum, can last for decades. Not only that, metal fences have a modern and elegant look that’s great for the curb appeal of your home. They bring a stately classiness to any lawn or yard that will last for decades to come.
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Fence Maintenance and Repair

Beyond just installation, we are also the fencing company that provides fence repair and fence maintenance services. Investing in proper care and maintenance long-term is one way you can make sure your property’s fence will last. Wear and tear can not only result in damage occurring that will require repair but also affect your fence’s longevity. Our expertise covers a range of maintenance and repair services for all fences, including fence rebuild services. We are also a fence cleaner.

Fence Removal

If you are looking to install a new fence or redevelop your property in any other way, you may often find that your fence is in the way. That’s where our fence tear-down services can come in handy. Our professional team can have your fence removed in no time at all, so you can make sure that any other work you are getting done can go ahead without delays or hassles. The fence removal services that we provide are the best option for this reason.

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